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Shetland And Orkney, June And July 2010

28th June - Foula

Foula From Britten-Norman Islander Foula From Britten-Norman Islander Coming In To Land On Foula In Britten-Norman Islander Debbie With Bonxie Stick, Foula, Airport In Background Half Sheared Sheep, Foula Foula From Main Ridge Sheep, Foula Da Kame, Foula, The Second Highest Sea Cliffs In Britain After St Kilda's Debbie On Da Nort Bank, Foula Debbie And Shetland Ponies, Foula

29-30th June - Foula And Mousa

Debbie, Da Sneck O' Da Smallie, Foula Puffins, Foula Puffin And Sandeels, Foula Being Dive Bombed By A Bonxie, Foula Bonxies Look Friendly On The Ground Bonxie Chick, Foula Curlew, Foula Shag, Foula Gaada Stack, Foula Foula Ferry Winched Out Of The Water To Protect It From The Raging Sea Derelict House And Phone Box, Foula Britten Norman Islander Landing, Foula, Fire Engine In Background