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January To March 2007

Tan Hill, February 2007

View From Tent Tan Hill Inn Garden Tan Hill Inn From Campsite Chicken Outside Tan Hill Inn Chicken Inspecting Tim's Car Tan Hill Inn Tan Hill Inn Tan Hill Tan Hill Inn Snow Cat, Tan Hill Inn Will And Jenny, Tan Hill Inn Tim And Jenny Enjoying Evening's Entertainment Nick About To Pull Yet Another Pint Nick Pulling Yet Another Pint And Another Tim Still Enjoying The Evening's Entertainment Nick, Luke And Will Ghostly Figures In The Fog Ghostly Figures In The Fog Tan Hill Inn Car Park In The Fog Tan Hill Tan Hill

Various January To March 2009

13-15th February - Tan Hill

The Drive In Was Interesting - The Road Was Covered In Lumpy Snowy In Places We Woke Up The Next Morning To This Scene Tents In Garden Of Tan Hill Inn Walking Away From Tan Hill Tan Hill Appeared Suddenly From Behind A Hill Richard And His Tent In A Big Puddle Of Thawed Snow